7 Tips To Best Take Advantage Of EOFY Car Sales

7 Tips To Best Take Advantage Of EOFY Car Sales

The end of financial year sales are just around the corner. With almost every car manufacturer prepared to drop a massive deal during this time it is best to get prepared so that you can get the most out of it. It is easy to get caught up with the rush during this period. Car sales people after all are rushing to push you out the door with a brand new car. But if you enter this time with a level head having done great research, knowing exactly what you want, and having your finance broker behind you ready with financing, you can beat the sales people at their own game. Here are 7 tips to getting the most out of the EOFY car sales.  

1. Do your homework 

You should always go into the showroom having done your research. This research should be thorough too. A sales person can pick out a potential buyer who has not done their research from a mile away. They will try to play up standard features, acting as if you would not receive the feature outside of the sale. Things like warranties are a common feature that sales people like to play up to customers even if it is standard. By researching what features come with the car outside of the sale as standard, its price, the competition’s offerings, and more you could come away with a sweeter deal.  

2. Know your sales person 

A salesperson is not infallible when it comes to negotiations. They tend to be judged by their ability to reach targets by their boss, which tends to be the number of cars they sell per month. You can use this knowledge to push them into giving you a better deal than they would not have otherwise. As the EOFY sale begins to close a salesperson may be more desperate to get over the line and sell more cars. They may be more inclined to offer better deals just to reach their targets.  

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3. Be straightforward 

You want a deal. The dealer wants a sale. You both know this, so go into the dealership ready for business. Part of that is in your preparedness to play the long game. Remember it does not matter if you take delivery in July or August as long as you sign along the dotted line before July 1st. If the salesperson can’t quite get the buyer across the line they may even contact the manufacturer for a reduced cost to the dealership to provide a larger margin of wiggle room. Just remember that a salesperson’s job is to get you across the line as fast as possible, but by being patient you can get a much sweeter deal. 

4. The slow-moving stock 

Ever seen those cars out the front of the dealership by the road with the big sale signs? Those are the slow moving stock, the cars that dealers are desperate to sell. This could be due to an unpopular colour, or body shape, perhaps just the model isn’t selling well. If you don’t mind going for one of these slow sellers, then a salesperson may reward you with a sweeter deal. Often these cars will come with some sweet bonuses for the dealership too if they sell enough. With the EOFY sale pressure on top of that dealerships may give you some fantastic deals. Just do your research on why they are not selling well. 

5. Look for the extras 

Make sure you look at what extras are being offered with the car. Sometimes different dealerships will present different offers on options. So, while one dealer might be offering a cheaper standard price another dealer may have put in some optional extras that you want. It could save you money going for the slightly more expensive offer if you were going for those extras anyway. Or some dealerships may offer you free extended warranties or better financing options. Always do your research with these types of offers, talk to a good finance broker to see if the dealer’s financing offer is the best offer. Similarly with warranties, the extended warranty may be useless to you and it could be better to just getting the cash off.  

6. Look at your financing options 

You may find yourself overwhelmed with the potential financing options from the dealer and various banks even if you haven’t approached any yet. The best way to find financing options for your car is to talk to a good finance broker who can help you find the best options for your situation. A good finance broker will talk to different financial institutions for you and help find the best deal for your new car. Why not match the amazing EOFY deal you got with your car with an equally as good financing deal?    

7. Find a car finance broker with fast approval 

Not all finance brokers are equal. While you may have secured a fantastic deal on your new car across the EOFY sale you still need to nail the hammer on the head with your financing. By searching for a broker with fast approval you will be able to capture that deal quicker allowing you to sign on the line before July 1st.  

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