Your Truck, Trailer or Equipment Finance Application is Easier with Access to 25 Lenders

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Compare & Save

By dealing with a broker, we'll talk to the best, selected lenders on your behalf. Let us find the best deal that works for your business. With 6 years experience you're in good hands.

Join our many other customers who have “compared and saved" today.

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Fast Approvals

Let us work to your deadline. With the basic questions answered and required information provided, we'll move fast and prioritise your loan with our lenders.

It can all come together very quickly once you provide the information, usually within 24 hours.

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Low-Doc Options

Is your business unique? We have numerous ways of getting our lenders to approve your loan request with low doc or full doc loans.

We’ll explain our entire process for approval and up to settlement while keeping you up to date with the progress of your loan until the deal is settled.

The ASA Finance Group team understands how easy you want the loan process to be, so that's what you'll enjoy when you talk to one of our finance specialists.

It starts by identifying what you can borrow with a few questions from our finance experts and what you can afford for easy repayments from one of our 25 lenders.

By understanding your situation and explaining what's needed from you, we'll negotiate a great loan so the deal can settle fast.

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At ASA finance our professional team can source all types of truck finance, including vans, commercial utilities, prime movers, buses, tilt trays and much more.

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We’ll send you detailed quotes and explain all the loan options. We highlight the areas you are saving on!

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Our team of experts will build and submit your application for lenders. Not only that, we’ll also comply with guidelines for a priority and fast approval

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We finalise contracts and arrange settlement, all according to your timelines.

You'll be surprised how smoothly and quickly the deal can be completed so you are ready to put your truck, trailer, machine or equipment to work ASAP.

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Meet our exclusive network of specialist lenders and industry partners specifically chosen by ASA Finance Group to provide the best competitive rates in the market to suit your business needs and requirements.