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Receive a FREE assessment of your finance options within the next 24 hours. No hidden obligations.

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ASA Finance Group are proudly partnered with Australia's most reputable lenders to provide you with hassle-free processing without delays on purchasing your next equipment & asset investment


All Types of Equipment

We offer a wide range of finance loans across a large range of new & used excavator and earthmoving equipment


Financial Benefits

Equipment leasing or financing allows greater flexibility to replace old equipment with new solutions and or upgrade equipment at any time independent of budget cycles.


Industry Specialists

Our team of consultants that are experts in excavator & earthmoving finance will have you every step of the way.


Quick Application Process

We have an experienced team and the necessary technology to ensure that your application gets processed quickly.


Cash Flow Effective

We have options to help make your excavator finance loan repayments more affordable. A balloon payment refers to a one-off lump sum that you agree to pay your lender at the end of your loan.


Customised Finance Solutions

ASA Finance offers full range of finance options including excavator & earthmoving finance, operating lease and hire purchase.

Save On Excavator & EarthMoving Loans With ASA Finance Group


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We work hard to get a loan with the lowest possible interest rate. Once we receive the necessary information, we'll get to work. We'll source the right lender for you and track the process from start to finish, leaving you the time you need to work on your business.


Let's Settle The Deal

Once approved, we'll move straight to settlement. We'll talk to the seller on your behalf and we'll prepare any paperwork that may be needed. For the right client, there is even the possibility of same day settlement and pickup.


Here are some simple answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.
Can't find an answer to your question? Contact Us today to discuss your specific financial needs.

Can I finance used excavators?

You can get great excavator finance deals on used excavators with ASA Finance! We do not mind if you want to buy new or used excavators, we will get you the best deals possible for your excavator financing.

Can I get an excavator loan without a deposit?

You certainly can get an excavator financed without a deposit. We can help you get the right excavator or earthmoving equipment financing based on your financial needs, whether you want to place a deposit or not.

Can I get finance for more than one excavator?

We will help you find the best excavator financing deal possible on all the excavators that you want financed. ASA finance are the experts when it comes to excavator and earth moving finance packages, so are happy to help even if your job requires two or more excavators.

Can you help me even if I have bad credit?

ASA finance will help you get the best financing deal possible on all excavator financing, in Brisbane and Australia wide. We have an extensive panel of lenders tailored to finding the right solution for all types of clients.

I'm interested in rent-to-own options for an excavator - Can you help me?

We certainly can help you! As a Brisbane based excavator finance specialist we can help with all your excavator financing needs whether it be rent-to-own or purchased outright. Plus, we help Australia wide! Not just Brisbane excavator financing. Ask our friendly staff how rent-to-buy works

Can I purchase my excavator at the end of the rental period?

You certainly can purchase the excavator at the end of the rental period. We love to find the perfect solution for your excavator financing needs so contact us to find out what we can do to help you!

Can I finance an excavator if I buy it from an auction or second hand?

ASA Finance would love to help you get the best excavator financing deal possible on your excavator, even if you buy from auction or second hand. If you have found the perfect excavator for your job we would be happy to help you find the best excavator financing loans Brisbane and Australia wide.

Can I finance an excavator that is located in a different state?

While ASA Finance is based in Brisbane, we do financing Australia wide. So if the perfect excavator is in a different state we can certainly help you find the best excavator financing deal across the country.